Mesothelioma Survival Stories

Ruth Phillips took her eight-months-to-live, carcinoma designation from one extremely regarded cancer center to a different — from Atlanta to the big apple to Washington, D.C. — and it hardly modified. Doctors painted an image she refused to simply accept.

Mesothelioma Survival Stories

So she gambled. And won.

That was twelve years agone. these days Phillips is flourishing, returning home from another sweat at a neighborhood gymnasium, making ready to create dinner for her husband, not disquieted regarding the carcinoma that ought to have killed her some time past.

“If I wouldn’t have found that tiny clinic, i'd are dead the last eleven years,” Phillips aforementioned last week by phone from her range in Rome, Georgia. “It worked on behalf of me. All the doctors at the massive centers long ago simply kind of apologized to ME for obtaining carcinoma. They didn’t offer ME any hope of living another year. I found it in other places.”

Taking an opportunity on different carcinoma Treatment

Phillips found her life-saving treatment at the Immune Augmentative medical aid Centre, that has been in operation within the Bahama Islands since 1977, outside of any oversight or regulation from the u. s. health profession. typically abused for its unconventional treatment philosophy, the IAT Clinic conjointly has the unconditional support of these like Phillips.

When Phillips arrived, the clinic was tiny. The building was previous. The paint was chip. It required transforming. By the time she left, in her eyes it seemed like a palace.

The theory at IAT is predicated on fighting cancer by restoring and revitalising the body’s own system, giving it the strength to destroy some cancer cells and stop others from multiplying. the idea is that the body’s own tumor-fighting system is that the best and last line of defense against cancer however providing it's acting at its best level. the key is obtaining the body there.

There is no physically onerous therapy, radiation or radical surgery, all more-accepted ways that of treating carcinoma patients by the thought, health profession. There aren't any oncologists on employees at IAT.

“Some of my friends thought i used to be crazy, departure from the normal treatment choices within the u. s., however based mostly upon what the doctors were telling ME, I had nothing to lose,” Phillips aforementioned. “And being within the Bahama Islands isn’t a nasty place to be within the winter for cancer treatments.”

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